CBD 101

What is CBD?
CBD, or cannabidiol, is a plant derived compound known as a phytocannabinoid. It is most commonly found in the resinous flowers of the cannabis/hemp plant. Hemp is defined as a cannabis plant that contains .3% or less of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Phytocannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS), an internal network of cell receptors, to help regulate critical functions within our bodies that help restore homeostasis.

What is CBD used for?
Cannabis/hemp have a rich history of medicinal use, across cultures, for thousands of years. CBD has been studied extensively in recent decades for its significant therapeutic potential, including the alleviation of pain, anxiety, seizures and inflammation. Cannabinoids affect individuals differently so there is no guarantee of its efficacy for a particular purpose.

Is CBD Safe?
CBD is generally considered safe, even at the high doses that have been part of clinical trials thus far. These levels (hundreds of mgs/dose) generally far exceed what most people are consuming. Potential negative side effects can be unintended lethargy or stimulation. CBD can also interfere with the body’s ability to metabolize other medications.

Does CBD interact with other medications?
It can. Consult your healthcare practitioner before consuming CBD if you are taking medication. Studies have shown that CBD can inhibit the metabolizing of certain drugs.

Is CBD legal?
The 2018 Farm Bill legalized industrial hemp and CBD, removing it from Schedule 1 listing as defined by the Controlled Substances Act. While federally legal, each state has different regulations regarding the cultivation and processing of hemp/CBD as well as the sale of finished goods containing CBD. Nectar BevCo complies with all rules and regulations outlined by the Vermont Department of Agriculture.

Is there an age requirement for the consumption of CBD?
Nectar BevCo requires purchasers to be 18+ years of age. It is legal for CBD to be used for therapeutic benefit in minors, but it must be purchased and dispensed by the parents/guardians. This is best done under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

Will Nectar CBD make me high?
No. Nectar CBD is infused with nano emulsified CBD isolate which is free of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the cannabinoid that can make people feel intoxicated or high. CBD can actually lessen the intoxicating effects of THC.

Will Nectar CBD show up on a drug test?
No. Drug tests verify the presence of THC. Nectar CBD is infused with CBD isolate which is a 99.9% pure CBD concentrate. It does not contain THC.

Why do we use isolate in Nectar CBD beverages?
We use CBD isolate because it is one of the most well researched forms of the cannabinoid with extensive data verifying efficacy. Because it is pure CBD, it also allows us to create a consistent product that builds confidence in the consumer. As a THC free product, the widest possible audience can enjoy Nectar CBD without concerns of unwanted side effects associated with THC or the potential of a failed drug screening.